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Applying to NQCHS

We accept students who meet the following criterias:
  • Are at least 16 years old 
  • Have been enrolled in any New York City high school 
  • Have been truant or have dropped out of school 
  • Are ready to commit to a school that will support them in achieving their high school diploma and creating a post-graduation plan

If you believe NQCHS is right for you, please contact call 718.380.1650 to schedule an appointment. A parent is not required to attend for your first appointment.

            Your appointment will entail:
    • Meeting with a counselor 
           Please bring a pen or pencil as well as a copy of following documents with you to your scheduled appointment:
    • An updated high school transcript 
    • Immunization records
    • Attendance records (RISA)
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP), if applicable